TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Secrets Of Alpha Males insights!

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Secrets Of Alpha Males insights!

Hello everyone,

time has arrived for our new weekly list of top offers.

This time we will single out one offer that is attracting many males attention and in the following text we will describe more about this offer and it’s advantages. Let’s take a look what we can find out about Secrets Of Alpha Males.

Zetaniche offer – Secrets Of Alpha Males 

Nowadays when women have become much stronger, much ambitious and are setting much higher standards, many man have become frightened and do not feel comfortable to approach women and start conversation. There are many man who are shy, afraid of rejection, do not know the right ways to approach, they were hurt earlier and lost their confidence, they are not satisfied with their look, because of their weight, boldness or not having what to offer, and many other reasons. But on the other hand, all those men are admiring those ones who know how to approach women, who are attracting all the women around them, who are confident, easy getting in conversation with women and  flirt with them and at the end make them falling in love.
Some of these men have decided to help those ones who desperately need help with seducing women and have more success with them. They have decide to describe all the techniques and tricks they are using in their relations with women, put it all in one book and made it available for all men who need help in getting more success with women. Secrets Of Alpha Males was created.

Product Description 

Secrets Of Alpha Males – this amazing book brought lot of joy to male population as it reveals some of the best secrets of seducing women. This book is intended for all men who want to have more success with women. It is teaching men simple tricks that separate men who have success with women from others.

Secrets Of Alpha Makes book contains 6 successful tricks with secrets of alpha males:

  • Secrets of the world’s greatest deceivers!
  • Proven psychological techniques that will make woman fall in love!
  • Steps how to read body language of each woman!
  • Tips to make every woman to notice you!
  • Tips to break the ice and start a conversation with any woman!
  • Tips of how to avoid the most common mistakes that men are making when approaching women!

This book brings interest and already showed amazing results with different men:

  • the ones older than 50 and want younger women,
  • bald and started balding,
  • lazy ones and the ones with excess kilograms,
  • the ones that are not rich,
  • frightened of approaching women,
  • and even the ones that tried everything they could remember of and yet did not seen the results they really wanted!

Available Geo’s and payouts

This great offer you can promote in following geo’s: Czech Republic (Payout: 10.00 €), Italy (Payout 10.00 €), Croatia (Payout: 10.00 €), Hungary (Payout: 10.00 €), Slovakia (Payout: 10.00 €).

Available platforms

Secrets of Alpha Males is available for desktop and mobile promotion in Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary and in Italy and Slovakia you can promote it only on mobile.

Conversion flow

Secrets of Alpha Males is also one of our COD offers. Cash on delivery or COD is a payment method in which customer pays for the product during delivery rather paying in advance. This method is especially popular since not everyone would like to pay online using debit or credit card.

This payment method showed great results with audience in countries where Secrets of Alpha Males is available.

As for the conversion flow for our Secrets of Alpha Males, it is easy: visitor comes to the page, fill the order form and clicks on the order button. If order is valid, your conversion is triggered and you have just earned some cash for yourself.

Marketing materials

Secrets of Alpha Males can be promoted via email or banner. All marketing materials are translated to local languages.

Advantages of promoting Secrets Of Alpha Males

  • Belongs to COD offers which is preferable payment method in countries where the offer is available in,
  • Attractive offer that is bringing great interest in male audience,
  • Landing pages adjusted to local language,
  • 44 days Refund policy.

Sing Up now and start promoting our Secrets Of Alpha Males offer and also take a chance to  check more of our offers that will surely likewise be interesting for promoting.

Zetaniche Team.

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