TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! SoftyMax insights!

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! SoftyMax insights!

Hello our dear Zetanitians,

here we are again with our Weekly Top Offers list! This time you will also find our very new offer that already found it’s place on our top offers list. Let’s check it out!

First time on our weekly top offer list we have an offer that is meant for our lovely pats – SoftyMax. In following text learn more about this great offer and find out how to get the most of it.

Zetaniche offer – SoftyMax

Anyone that has a pet knows it is indescribable love that owners are sharing with their furry friends. They of course do not mind to clean the hair that is falling whole the time, but they all admit it is quite inconvenient. There is hair everywhere, on their furniture, clothes…On the other hand, many pets do not like brushing for one reason: most brushes are coarse and bother their delicate skin. That is why SoftyMax is perfect solution.

Product Description 

SoftyMax  presents revolutionary brush that removes hair immediately. It is suitable for dogs and cats, wavy and straight, long and short hair, the Softy Max is helping to rid of unnecessary hair with just a few strokes! With this magic brush, pet lovers will experience:

  • their apartments with much less hair
  • clean clothes
  • they will get rid of allergic hair
  • save time on pet care

Softy Max is the perfect tool for brushing dog’s or cat’s hair! Not only does it thoroughly clean even the deep-fed dirt of your pet’s hair, it also provides a comfortable massage. This professional brush is very easy to use and can only be cleaned with one stroke without throwing away the hair. It is no wonder that very quickly became preferred over pet lovers as this way they are giving the best care to their pets.

Available Geo’s and payouts

If you are interested in Czech market, than this offer is perfect choice for you, since at the moment it is available for promotion only in Czech Republic (Payout: 5.00 €)Of course, this is just a beginning for SoftyMax, more countries are yet to be opened for this offer.

Available platforms

SoftyMax is available only for desktop promotion in above mentioned country.

Conversion flow

SoftyMax is one of our COD offers. This method is meant for people who prefer to pay in cash for their order once it is being delivered to them. This payment method showed great results with audience in Czech Republic where SoftyMax is available.

As for the conversion flow for our SoftyMax, it is easy: visitor comes to the page, fill the order form and clicks on the order button. If order is valid, your conversion is triggered and you have just earned some cash for yourself.

Marketing materials

SoftyMax you can promote via email or banner. As with all offers, landing page of SoftyMax is also translated to Czech where promotion is meant for.

Advantages of promoting SoftyMax

  • Attractive offer that is finding a great response from the audience.
  • Belongs to COD offers which is preferable payment method in country where SoftyMax is available.
  • Landing pages adjusted to local languages.
  • 44 days Refund policy.

At the end of our post, we hope that you have found some interesting information about SoftyMax and that you will quickly SIGN UP to our platform and test this great offer but also take a look over more offers and countries Zetaniche is working with.

As always, in case you need any additional information in order to start promoting Zetaniche offers, we are at your disposal. Contact us immediately!   

Zetaniche Team.

Product Overview: HerbaPROSTAL

Product Overview: HerbaPROSTAL

Hello our dear Zetanitians,

today’s post will be dedicated to our new offer that will attract many men and bring their interest in testing this great product from our health program. Today we talk about HerbaPROSTAL!

What is HerbaPROSTAL?

HerbaPROSTAL presents urological patches that helps men to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, normalises the urination process, strengthens immunity and increases libido.

HerbaPROSTAL patches contain purely natural ingredients. They are very effective in resolving prostate problems, excessive urination and libido reduction. * They are easy to use and quickly deliver results.

The benefits of HerbaPROSTAL patch:
1. Quick action
2. Effective without side effects
3. The product is a hypoalergen
4. Full recovery

How does HerbaPROSTAL offer work?

Among the numerous advantages and benefits of working with Zetaniche as an affiliate, is also a fact that you are having a chance to promote a cash on delivery offers, and HerbaPROSTAL is definitely one of them.

What is the best with Cash on delivery offers is that they are allowing buyers ordering a product without providing any credit card details. Cash on delivery is a type of payment made on delivery rather than in advance via online payment or bank transaction. We all know that out there, there are a lot of buyers who tend not to trust online transactions. If such customers are among audience of your site, choosing to offer them cash on delivery payment could lead to direct profit for you.

HerbaPROSTAL is like the rest of our cash on delivery offers, available in countries that are less competitive markets. Lower competition means more opportunities for you as an affiliate.

Where HerbaPROSTAL is available in?

HerbaPROSTAL is available for promotion on both desktop and mobile in following markets: Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and  Croatia. 

What are payouts?

In the table below we are presenting you pay-out amount for triggered conversion per GEO on desktop and mobile, both:

Traffic sources

Zetaniche will gladly welcome all affiliates who are owning a website, blog or working with different traffic sources such as Google, ad networks, social channels and similar. If you are one of them, you are more than welcome to start promoting our HerbaPROSTAL offer. As we wrote earlier, HerbaPROSTAL is available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Ad methods and Landing pages

As like with the rest of Zetaniche offers, all landing pages and marketing materials are translated to local languages and adjusted to the specific market, allowing you as our affiliate to promote this offer with banners and email traffic.

Since we want that users you are sending from your traffic source get more engaged to product itself before they are sent to landing page, we have built pre-sell pages on local languages of GEO’s where offer is available for promotion.

What are the advantages of promoting HerbaPROSTAL:

  • Cash on delivery is preferable model in GEO’s where offer is available for promotion,
  • Huge potential and interest in GEO’s where offer is available,
  • Marketing materials on local languages,
  • Various traffic channels for promotion.

We got you interested in? Sign up here and get access to this exclusive offer!


Zetaniche Team. 

Happy New Year from Zetaniche team!

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Happy New Year from Zetaniche team!

Hello our dear partners,

2018 has been an amazing year in every way. We launched many new offers, expanded on new GEOs and made some awesome marketing materials. We also attended shows and conferences, and made progress in many ways. But we assure you,  there is a lot more yet to come!

We are planing to expand on more GEOs, in all verticals and offer you many advanced solutions in order to reach your goals.

It’s been fantastic working with you in 2018 and we hope we can continue doing business together in the forthcoming year. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season!

Zetaniche team wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Zetaniche team.

Country overview: Vietnam

Country overview: Vietnam

Hello our dear affiliates,

its time for new blog post. This time we have decided to write about very special country – Vietnam.

Interesting facts
  • Vietnam is home to the world’s largest cave, Son Doong.
  • The Perfume River is so named due to the scent of the tropical flowers that fall onto the water during autumn.
  • Lizard fishing is one of Vietnam’s most widespread hobbies.
  • Elephant rides are another very popular local activity often enjoyed by tourists.
General facts

Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula. With an estimated 94.6 million inhabitants as of 2016, it is the world’s 15th-most-populous country, and the ninth-most-populous Asian country. The official national language of the country is Vietnamese.

Legend has it that the peoples of this land originated from a union between an immortal Chinese princess and “The Dragon Lord of the Seas.” The country’s name was originally spelled as two words, Viet Nam. Their culture is a complex adaptation of Chinese, Japanese, French and American colonial influences.

Internet usage

Internet services made their first appearance in Vietnam in 1997. Three years later, however, the Internet usage rate was still insignificant with a 0.2% local penetration. However, the situation changed drastically over the years. In 2017, approximately 50 million Vietnamese, or half of the population, were connected to the Internet. Despite its late start, Vietnam’s penetration rate (54%) in 2017 is now higher than the world average (46.5%).

TOP sites

According to SimilarWeb current TOP 10 visited websites in Vietnam are:

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet share

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Vietnam in November 2018 was: Desktop (81.72%), Mobile (16.41%) and Tablet (1.87%).

Browser Market Share

Browser Market Share in Vietnam in November 2018 was: Chrome (62.47%), Coc Coc (16.89%), Safari (9.29%), Firefox (3.45%), Opera (2.91%), Samsung Internet (1.09%), Other (3.90%).

Operating System Market Share

Operating System Market Share in Vietnam in November 2018 was: Windows (70.16%), Android (9.66%), iOS (8.22%), OS X (7.78%), Linux (0.44%), Other (3.74%).

Social Media Stats

Social Media Stats in Vietnam in November 2018 were: Facebook (72.96%), YouTube (12.51%), Pinterest (6.07%), Twitter (3.81%), Tumblr (1.22%), reddit (1.07%) and Other (2.36%).

Online buying and paying methods

According to researches Vietnam has one of the highest cash dominated economy in the world, with almost 90 percent of all transactions conducted in cash. With low banking penetration, lack of ATMs and cashless systems, complexities of digital payment systems, and lack of consumer trust, consumers are compelled to fall back to cash based transactions.

With all this said, you don’t have any reason left for not promoting our COD offers for this market.



Zetaniche team.


TOP OFFER OF THE WEEK! Eyelash Star offer insights!

TOP OFFER OF THE WEEK! Eyelash Star offer insights!

Hello everyone,

here comes the week when we are revealing you the list of the weekly top offers. Let’s check what interesting we have for this week…


Well, it seems that we have one offer we didn’t have a chance to see on our previous lists – EyelashStar.

Zetaniche offer – EyelashStar

EyelashStar is one more of our offers that belongs to a beauty niche. As for the beauty niche itself, we have previously devoted one post to this category and now we will exclude one interesting product from this niche and point on it’s advantages in promoting.

Product description

EyelashStar is a serum for the eyelashes and eyebrows growth. EyelashStar works on a way that enhances the lining of follicles and stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Prevents hair loss and gives volume and density. It represents a unique hair growth stimulation. It improves the structure and accelerate hair growth. The result of using EyelashStar product is:

  • Maximum thickness and eyelash length.
  • Healthy eyes without allergies.
  • Actual growth of eyelashes by 55%. 
  • Increase in thickness and volume by 45%. 
  • The result is visible after 2-4 weeks. 
  • Increase in eyelash density +63%.

Available geo’s and payouts 

This great offer you can promote in following geo’s: Czech Republic (Payout: 7.50 €), Italy (Payout 10.00 €), Romania (Payout: 10.00 €), Poland (Payout: 7.50 €), Serbia (Payout: 6.00 €), Slovenia (Payout: 7.50 €), Bulgaria (Payout: 7.50 €), Croatia (Payout: 10.00 €), Hungary (Payout: 10.00 €), Slovakia (Payout: 7.50 €), Bosnia (Payout: 7.50 €), Greece (Payout: 7.50 €).

Available platforms

EyelashStar is available for desktop promotion in above mentioned countries.

Conversion flow

EyelashStar like all of our products, this product also belongs to group of our COD offers. This method is meant for people who prefer to pay in cash for their order once it is being delivered to them.

Here is the conversion flow for our EyelashStar: visitor comes to the page, fill the order form and clicks on the order button. If order is valid, your conversion is triggered and you have just earned some cash for yourself.

Marketing materials

EyelashStar can be promoted via email or banner. As with all offers, all landing pages are translated to local languages of countries for which promotion is meant for.

Advantages of promoting EyelashStar 

  • Attractive offer that is finding a great response from the audience,
  • Belongs to COD offers which is preferable payment method in countries where EyelashStar is available,
  • Landing pages adjusted to local languages,
  • 44 days Refund policy.Well, we hope these are enough of reasons for you to start promoting our awesome offer. Take the advantage that is offered to you by combining low competitive markets and this popular offer and make some money.

    Of course, in case you have any additional questions regarding our EyelasStar offer, Zetaniche support is always at your disposal. 

Zetaniche Team.