Top offers of the week! Czech Republic marketing insights

Top offers of the week! Czech Republic marketing insights

Here we are with our Weekly Top Offers list. Let’s check it out:

The winner of this week is Czech Republic, so let’s take a few minutes of our time and take a look at some marketing insights of this beautiful country.

General information

Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. The capital and largest city of Czech Republic is Prague.  

Estimated population: Czech Republic counts 10,610,947 inhabitants based on latest estimates.  


The official language of this country is Czech, a Slavic tongue language spoken by over 10 million. Slovak language is also common to hear, especially in larger cities.

Internet usage

Let’s take a look at some statistic data when it comes to internet usage on this territory. There are 9,323,428 of internet users in Czech Republic or 88,4% of total population.  

When dividing internet usage in Czech into age groups, we’ve come to these data:

93% of 16-24 years old, 89% of 25-36 years old and 84% of 35-44 years old log on on a daily basis, while some older generations 45-54 years old log on regularly basis.   

Top sites

According to SimilarWeb stats, here are the top 10 sites that Czechs are visiting:


  • Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Czech Republic in February 2018 was: Desktop (76.51%), Mobile (20.82%) and Tablet (2.67%).
  • Browser Market Share in Czech Republic in February 2018 was: Chrome (59.06%), Firefox (15.06%), Safari (7.83%), IE (6.11%), Opera (4.61%), Edge (3.43%)
  • Operating System Market Share in Czech Republic in February 2018 was: Android (77.01%), iOS (20.01%), Windows (1.56%),  SymbianOS (0.34%), Samsung (0.31%), Series 40 (0.29%).
  • Social Media Stats in Czech Republic in February 2018 were: Facebook (43.96%), Twitter (14.88%),  YouTube (11.94%),  Pinterest (10.53%), Instagram (5.14%), Tumblr (5.14%).

Online buyers

When it comes to Czech Republic, we have managed to pull out some interesting data in regards to trend of online buying in this country.

Online buying is widely spread among Czechs. There are at the moment 4.93 million of online buyer in Czech Republic and additional 410,000 are expected to join this this group of online shoppers in next few years and by this time it is expected that online buyers will spend in average around 635 dollars.

93% of online buyers in Czech buy via desktop, while 3% of them are making online purchases via smartphones and yet 2% use tablets for this action.  

Delivery and payment methods

Online Czech buyers are also not an exception when it comes to choosing deliveries at their offices or homes. As for paying methods for online purchases, 38% of Czech prefer Cash on delivery, 29% of them are for payment upon the pickup, 13% use online credit card payment, 9% do bank transfer and 11% use other alternative methods.

Well our dear Zetanitians, we really hope you enjoyed our post devoted to Czech Republic market. We are always trying to share useful information with you and point out on advantages of specific profitable markets. Czech Republic is definitely one of them and that is why you shouldn’t think to long and start experiencing this lovely country.

Zetaniche has a wide range of offers for Czech Republic and we would be very happy if you would choose us to start this journey with.   

As always, for any questions you might you can write us directly on or Skype us at aff_zetaniche.


Zetaniche Team 

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