TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Latvia marketing insights

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Latvia marketing insights

Hello everyone,

impatient to see what is on our list of Top Offers this week? Then, let’s check it out!

Well, this list looks nice. Though, among these great offers, you can see that Latvia seem to be popular this time. Let’s what is so great about this market..

We always like to start our post, devoted to certain market, with some interesting fact about country itself. It is always nice to learn something new. So, as far for the Latvia..

  • Around 55% of Latvia is forest, which makes her one of Europe’s greenest countries.
  • Latvia has UNESCO World Heritage sites: historic center of Riga , known for it’s Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Latvia has one of the world’s oldest flags. Current flag design has been in use since 1280.

General information

  • Latvia is European country placed in Baltic region of Northern Europe.
  • Latvia shares borders with Estonia on the north, Lithuania on the south, Russia on the east, Belarus on the south and the Baltic Sea on the west.
  • It is estimated that there is more than 1,96 million inhabitants in Latvia.
  • Capital and largest city of Latvia is Riga.


Official language of Latvia is Latvian which belongs to Baltic language sub-group pf the Balto-Slavic branch. Another notable language is the Livonian language of the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family. Russian is the most widely used minority language so far (around 34% speak it at home, including people who are not ethnically Russian).

It is interesting that Latvian is natively spoken only by 1.5 million people in the worlds, from which most of them are living in Latvia, but also some are living in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Russia, Brazil and Australia.

Internet usage

Current internet penetration in Latvia is 71.10% and and according to the trend of growth, it should reach 73.1% by 2022.

When dividing internet users into age groups, we can see the 96% of internet users are the young between age 16-24 years old, 95% of 25-34 years old and 83% of 38-44 years old. Older generations also log on regularly with 45-54 years old and over 55s are also showing 79% daily penetration rate.

Top sites


According to StatCounter:

  • Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Latvia in July 2018 was: Desktop (71.99%), Mobile (25.18%) and Tablet (2.83%).
  • Browser Market Share in Latvia in July 2018 was: Chrome (65.53%), Firefox (11.78%), Safari (10.44%), Opera (3.32%), IE (2.64%), Edge (2.27%).
  • Operating System Market Share in Latvia in July 2018 was: Windows (62.36%), Android (20.23%), OS X (7.47%), iOS (7.46%), Linux (1.37%) and Other (0.9%).
  • Social Media Stats in Latvia in July 2018 were: Facebook (63.8%), Pinterest (12.41%), YouTube (8.52%), Twitter (6.66%), Instagram (4.13%), Tumblr (2.05%).

Online buyers

There are currently around 890k online shoppers in Latvia, with an additional 40k users expected to start online shopping by 2022.

92% of online buyers in Latvia make purchases via desktop, while only 2% of online shoppers buy via smartphones and 2% place the purchases over their tablets.

Delivery and payment methods

In Latvia, the preferred online payment method is credit card for 43% of Latvian shoppers. Like in all countries where Zetaniche is operating, Latvia is not an exception, when it comes to interest for paying on delivery, so choosing our COD offers for this GEO will be an excellent choice for you.

Well our dear Zetanitians, we really hope you enjoyed our brief post devoted to Latvian market. We are always trying to share useful information with you and point out on advantages of specific profitable markets.

As always, for any questions you might you can write us directly at or Skype us at aff_zetaniche.

Zetanice Team.

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