TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Foot care sub-niche insights!

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Foot care sub-niche insights!

Hello everyone,

this week we are starting with our top offers list. Let’s check what’s on the table this week. You will surely find some exciting offers to test…

Well, this is one quite interesting mix of offers. However, our attention especially brought CleoLUX product that belongs to enormous Health niche, but specifically targeting foot care sub-niche. Why this offer found it’s place on our weekly top offers list and what can we find about foot care sub-niche, check out in the following text.

Foot care sub-niche

We are all aware that no matter that we regularly maintain our personal hygiene, sometimes it is very difficult to avoid unpleasant smells when it come to feet. Those unpleasant smells are mainly the result of the fungal infection on the feet, which is one the most common fungal infections. also, in addition to unpleasant smells, itching, skin peeling and bubbles are some of the consequences that this very undesirable infection carries.

Unpleasant feet smell is the problem that millions people all over the world are facing, and it is the result of fungal infection that can last long if they are not treated properly.

On Zetaniche platform we are offering our affiliates an opportunity to promote the product that will definitely bring the interest of people that are facing this problem.

Zetaniche offer

Natural solution comes in a form of CleoLUX cream, which contains revitalizing ingredients , which reduce the appearance of excessive sweating and help the skin heal.

CleoLUX cream is very easy to apply, so person will be able to solve the unpleasant smell of the feet in just five minutes, and after a fseveral home treatments, it will prevent excessive sweating of the feett.

  • Available GEO’s and pay-outs

Countries in which CleoLUX is available for promotion are Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia and Latvia. For triggering conversions on this product, we are offering pay-outs from €7.50 to €10.00 depending on country.

  • Available platforms

CleoLUX offer is available for promotion on desktop and mobile platform, both.

  • Conversion flow

Since CleoLUX is COD (cash on delivery) type of offer, conversion flow is: user comes to page, fills the order form and clicks on the order button. If order is valid the conversion is triggered.

  • Marketing materials

Our phenomenal offer CleoLUX  is available for promotion on banners and email traffic, while all marketing materials are made the way to attract local buyers in countries where offer is available for promotion.

Why to start promoting Zetaniche offer in this sub-niche?

  • Competitive pay-outs,
  • Great interest for the product in markets where offer is available, 
  • Efficient and approachable AM team, offering personalized advice,
  • Simple interface to access promotional materials, receive updates and review performance.

Well guys, that would be it for the this time. If you haven’t already, please feel free to sign up in our platform, so that you can request this high-converting offer. Your AM will be in touch with you immediately after submitting your sign up application.

Also, don’t forget to write us on of Skype us at aff_zetaniche, any time.

Zetaniche Team.

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Laser Sharpener offer insights!

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Laser Sharpener offer insights!

Hello our dear Zetanitians,

we are presenting our Weekly Top Offers list! As always, you will find some attractive offers in some very attractive markets. Let’s check it out!


You will notice Laser Sharpener offer that among others, also found it’s place in this week’s list. This product definitely deserves a few sentences on our blog. In the following text we will try to bring you more closer to this product and we are hoping you will get the picture why Laser Sharpener would be a good choice for you to promote it and start making some money.

Zetaniche offer – Laser Sharpener

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. With kitchen tools available for promotion over Zetaniche, you’re sure to win the affections of your site audience effortlessly! What’s more, our team is available to help every step of the way. We’re experts in selecting and designing personalized products for your promotion. That’s why we are offering you the perfect kitchen gadget which will make your campaigns very profitable.

Product description

Laser sharpener is intended for anyone who wants to sharpen knives in just 3 moves. Laser sharpener is allowing it’s users to have incredibly sharp knives in a few seconds! And not just knives. Thanks to the adjustable parts, it’s users can sharp kitchen scissors, simple scissors and other cutting tools. Laser sharpener is definitely a help in every kitchen.

Available geo’s and payouts  

This awesome offer is available for promotion in Czech Republic (Payout: 5.00 €) and Italy (Payout 10.00 €).

Available platforms

Laser Sharpener is available for desktop promotion in Czech Republic and on desktop and mobile, both, in Italy.

Conversion flow

Of course, this product also belongs to group of our COD offers. This method is meant for people who prefer to pay in cash for their order once it is being delivered to them.

Here is the conversion flow for our Laser Sharpener: visitor comes to the page, fill the order form and clicks on the order button. If order is valid, your conversion is triggered and you have just earned some cash for yourself.

Marketing materials

Laser Sharpener you can promote via email or banner. As with all offers, all landing pages are translated to local languages of countries for which promotion is meant for.

Advantages of promoting Laser Sharpener
  • Attractive offer that is finding a great response from the audience,
  • Belongs to COD offers which is preferable payment method in countries where Laser Sharpener is available,
  • Landing pages adjusted to local languages,
  • 44 days Refund policy.

Well, our dear Zetanitians, we have come to the end of this blog post. We hope you have adopt some interesting information about this offer and that you will not just stay in mood of thinking about it, rather take some real action and start promoting it now!

As always, in case you need any additional information in order to start promoting Zetaniche offers, we are at your disposal.

Contact us immediately!



Zetaniche team.

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Latvia marketing insights

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Latvia marketing insights

Hello everyone,

impatient to see what is on our list of Top Offers this week? Then, let’s check it out!

Well, this list looks nice. Though, among these great offers, you can see that Latvia seem to be popular this time. Let’s what is so great about this market..

We always like to start our post, devoted to certain market, with some interesting fact about country itself. It is always nice to learn something new. So, as far for the Latvia..

  • Around 55% of Latvia is forest, which makes her one of Europe’s greenest countries.
  • Latvia has UNESCO World Heritage sites: historic center of Riga , known for it’s Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Latvia has one of the world’s oldest flags. Current flag design has been in use since 1280.

General information

  • Latvia is European country placed in Baltic region of Northern Europe.
  • Latvia shares borders with Estonia on the north, Lithuania on the south, Russia on the east, Belarus on the south and the Baltic Sea on the west.
  • It is estimated that there is more than 1,96 million inhabitants in Latvia.
  • Capital and largest city of Latvia is Riga.


Official language of Latvia is Latvian which belongs to Baltic language sub-group pf the Balto-Slavic branch. Another notable language is the Livonian language of the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family. Russian is the most widely used minority language so far (around 34% speak it at home, including people who are not ethnically Russian).

It is interesting that Latvian is natively spoken only by 1.5 million people in the worlds, from which most of them are living in Latvia, but also some are living in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Russia, Brazil and Australia.

Internet usage

Current internet penetration in Latvia is 71.10% and and according to the trend of growth, it should reach 73.1% by 2022.

When dividing internet users into age groups, we can see the 96% of internet users are the young between age 16-24 years old, 95% of 25-34 years old and 83% of 38-44 years old. Older generations also log on regularly with 45-54 years old and over 55s are also showing 79% daily penetration rate.

Top sites


According to StatCounter:

  • Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Latvia in July 2018 was: Desktop (71.99%), Mobile (25.18%) and Tablet (2.83%).
  • Browser Market Share in Latvia in July 2018 was: Chrome (65.53%), Firefox (11.78%), Safari (10.44%), Opera (3.32%), IE (2.64%), Edge (2.27%).
  • Operating System Market Share in Latvia in July 2018 was: Windows (62.36%), Android (20.23%), OS X (7.47%), iOS (7.46%), Linux (1.37%) and Other (0.9%).
  • Social Media Stats in Latvia in July 2018 were: Facebook (63.8%), Pinterest (12.41%), YouTube (8.52%), Twitter (6.66%), Instagram (4.13%), Tumblr (2.05%).

Online buyers

There are currently around 890k online shoppers in Latvia, with an additional 40k users expected to start online shopping by 2022.

92% of online buyers in Latvia make purchases via desktop, while only 2% of online shoppers buy via smartphones and 2% place the purchases over their tablets.

Delivery and payment methods

In Latvia, the preferred online payment method is credit card for 43% of Latvian shoppers. Like in all countries where Zetaniche is operating, Latvia is not an exception, when it comes to interest for paying on delivery, so choosing our COD offers for this GEO will be an excellent choice for you.

Well our dear Zetanitians, we really hope you enjoyed our brief post devoted to Latvian market. We are always trying to share useful information with you and point out on advantages of specific profitable markets.

As always, for any questions you might you can write us directly at or Skype us at aff_zetaniche.

Zetanice Team.

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Macedonia Marketing Insights

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Macedonia Marketing Insights

Hello everyone,

hope that you have set yourself in your chairs, coffee prepared, eyes wide open as we are starting this week with our Top offers! Are you ready to see some new market insights together with the offers that were kicking last week?

Let’s start. Check out hot offers table:

Now, as we have shown you some of the top offers that you might want test, we will also give you some tips when it comes to suitable market for these offers. Have you tried Macedonia?

If not, now is the time. Curious to know more? Let’s see what is so great about Macedonia…

General information

  • Macedonia is located in Southeast Europe, having borders with Kosovo to the Northwest, Serbia to the North, Bulgaria to the East, Greece to the South, and Albania to the West.
  • Macedonia is one of the former Yugoslavia states.
  • Capital and largest city of Macedonia is Skopje.
  • Current population in Macedonia is: 2,085,051 (2018)
  • Macedonia has a total area of 25,713 km2


The official language of Macedonia and the one that is most widely spoken is Macedonian. Other spoken languages are: Albanian, Romani, Turkish, Serbian/Bosnian and Aromanian.

Internet usage

There is in total 1,583,315 (Dec, 2017) internet users which makes 75.9% of total population.

Top sites

According to SimilarWeb stats, these are the top 10 sites that Macedonian are mostly visiting:


According to StatCounter:

  • Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Macedonia in May 2018 was: Desktop (59.07%), Mobile (39.13%) and Tablet (1.8%).
  • Browser Market Share in Macedonia in May 2018 was: Chrome (76.25%), Firefox (8.94%), Safari (6.82%), Opera (2.13%), Samsung Internet (1.58%), IE (1.52%)
  • Operating System Market Share in Macedonia in May 2018 was: Windows (55.3%),  Android (33.92%), iOS (6.51%), OS X (1.65%), Linux (1.15%).
  • Social Media Stats in Macedonia in May 2018 were: Facebook (93.76%), Instagram (1.75%), YouTube (1.69%), Pinterest (1.58%), Twitter (0.84%), Tumblr (0.13%).

Online buyers

Online buying in Macedonia is in constant increase. In 2016 internet penetration was 75.3 percent, and 81 percent of internet users could access the internet via their smartphones. Consumers in Macedonia spent $95 mill on online purchases in 2016.

Delivery and payment methods

When it comes to online buyers in Macedonia, they still prefer cash payments. They are very insecure when it comes to leaving their credit card details online and that is the reason why our COD offers are preferable choice with Macedonians.

Also keep in mind that due to start of summer holidays period, the end of June and beginning of July are very popular among the shoppers so this would be ideal timing to stat promoting some of Zetanihe offers in this interesting and very potential market.

Well, we hope that you have collected some interesting and useful information for this week and that you will definitely let yourself go into Macedonian market and choose some of the offers from our weekly list. Of course, in case you need any additional tips and have questions, Zetaniche support will gladly assist you.

So don’t wait longer and contact us!



Zetaniche Team.

Product Overview: Baba Vanga

Product Overview: Baba Vanga

Hello everyone,

here we are coming with a brand new product that is currently available for promoting in Zetaniche platform. However, it is always useful to get in familiar with the product and recognize their advantages. For this reason, we will take a moment and provide you with some interesting information over our new product and hope after reading this text you will take a chance and test it.

We will talk about Baba Vanga amulet! 

You are probably all wondering what kind of product this is.

What is Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga amulet is a piece of jewelry for which is believed that  is very powerful and that attracts happiness and money into life to the one who wears it and who believes in its strength and power.  However, what is so special about this amulet and what makes it different from other jewelry is the way it has been made. Due to its specifics, only few of these amulets are made daily because it is made individually for each person that wish to have it.

This is also one of the advantages of Baba Vanga amulet, since each person will get it’s unique amulet made just according to their personality. Besides, this is also one very nice looking piece of jewelry that can be wear in any occasion and that will definitely not be unnoticed.

How does Baba Vanga offer works? 

Baba Vanga is also belonging to our group of Cash on Delivery offers. As many times mentioned already, COD offers are specific since user don’t have to prepay for the product once he makes an order. Instead, the payment is made once the product is delivered to the consumer. This is really great thing, especially in countries where people are not used to make payments via their credit cards.

Where Baba Vanga is available in?

Baba Vanga is available for promotion in Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Portugal on both desktop and mobile.

What are payouts?

We are presenting you pay-out per country where Baba Vanga is available for promotion:

Traffic Sources

Zetaniche is opened for all website owners and affiliates who are working with different traffic sources. If you are owning a website, blog or working with different traffic sources such as Social channels, Google, traffic networks, etc.  you are more than welcome to start promoting our Baba Vanga offer.

Ad method and landing pages

As like with the rest of Zetaniche offers, all landing pages and marketing materials are translated to local languages and adjusted to the specific market, allowing you as our affiliate to promote this phenomenal offer with banners and email traffic.

What are the advantages of promoting Baba Vanga offer?

  • New attractive offer,
  • Big potential and interest in GEO’s where offer is available
  • Cash on delivery is preferable model in GEO’s where offer is available for promotion,
  • Marketing materials on local languages,
  • Various traffic channels for promotion,
  • 44-days refund policy.

You found this offer interesting and would like to start making money by promoting it?

Don’t wait longer and JOIN NOW!


Zetaniche Team.