Product Overview: StarSilkPro

Product Overview: StarSilkPro

Hello our dear affiliates!

This time we have decided to devote blog post to our very special product in beauty niche – StarSilkPro.

StarSilkPro is the latest hit in cosmetics, offering advanced solution for depilation, for all those who want beautiful, gentle skin – without any chemicals, pains and hair regrowth.

At the beginning of its existence, this depilation method was available only to the Hollywood elite and was protected as the secret of the beautiful super model skin, actress and well-known TV leaders we are watching in the media on a daily basis. But guess what? Now, we are offering you to promote this product to your targeted audience, over our network!


What is StarSilkPro?

Star Silk Pro is the ultimate hit in the world of cosmetics because it naturally and totally painlessly removes unwanted hairs from all parts of the body, and the skin remains smooth and sleek for up to 3 weeks!

This solution is completely natural and extremely easy to use. After just a few circular movements, the Star Silk Pro crystal pad removes hair from the skin. This is done the way that precise fine crystals literally brush hair, without any damages of the skin.

The Star Silk Pro is also suitable for sensitive areas because it does not damage the skin and does not cause hair regrowth.

Star Silk Pro is designed for both men and women, suitable for any skin type and guarantees the best feeling of depilation ever, to anyone who uses it. There are no more cuts in the razor, no irritation and pimples caused by laser, waxing creams or creams.

Star Silk Pro, after the massage process, leaves skin smooth, beautiful and gentle to the touch.

How does StarSilkPro offer work?

Among the numerous advantages and benefits of working with Zetaniche as an affiliate, is also a fact that you are having a chance to promote a cash on delivery offers, and StarSilkPro is one of them.

Cash on delivery offers are allowing buyers ordering a product without providing any credit card details. Cash on delivery is a type of payment made on delivery rather than in advance via online payment or bank transaction. We all know that out there, there are a lot of buyers who tend not to trust online transactions. If such customers are among audience of your site, choosing to offer them cash on delivery payment could lead to direct profit for you.

StarSilkPro is like the rest of our cash on delivery offers, available in countries that are less competitive markets. Lower competition means more opportunities for you as an affiliate.

Where StarSilkPro is available in?

StarSilkPro is available for promotion on desktop only in Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Macedonia, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia, it is available on mobile and desktop, both.

What are payouts?

In the table below we are presenting you pay-out amount for triggered conversion per GEO on desktop and mobile, both:

Traffic sources

Zetaniche will gladly welcome all affiliates who are owning a website, blog or working with different traffic sources such as Google, ad networks, social channels and similar. If you are one of them, you are more than welcome to start promoting our StarSilkPro offer. As we wrote earlier, StarSilkPro is available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Ad methods and Landing pages

As like with the rest of Zetaniche offers, all landing pages and marketing materials are translated to local languages and adjusted to the specific market, allowing you as our affiliate to promote this phenomenal offer with banners and email traffic.

Since we want that users you are sending from your traffic source get more engaged to product itself before they are sent to landing page, we have built pre-sell pages on local languages of GEO’s where offer is available for promotion.

What are the advantages of promoting StarSilkPro?
  • Huge potential and interest in GEO’s where offer is available,
  • Cash on delivery is preferable model in GEO’s where offer is available for promotion,
  • Marketing materials on local languages,
  • Various traffic channels for promotion,
  • You can earn money while helping others to solve their beauty related issue.

And this is it, guys! Hope you liked our presentation of this phenomenal offer!

We got you interested in? Sign up here and get access to this exclusive offer!


Zetaniche team.

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