TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Macedonia Marketing Insights

TOP OFFERS OF THE WEEK! Macedonia Marketing Insights

Hello everyone,

hope that you have set yourself in your chairs, coffee prepared, eyes wide open as we are starting this week with our Top offers! Are you ready to see some new market insights together with the offers that were kicking last week?

Let’s start. Check out hot offers table:

Now, as we have shown you some of the top offers that you might want test, we will also give you some tips when it comes to suitable market for these offers. Have you tried Macedonia?

If not, now is the time. Curious to know more? Let’s see what is so great about Macedonia…

General information

  • Macedonia is located in Southeast Europe, having borders with Kosovo to the Northwest, Serbia to the North, Bulgaria to the East, Greece to the South, and Albania to the West.
  • Macedonia is one of the former Yugoslavia states.
  • Capital and largest city of Macedonia is Skopje.
  • Current population in Macedonia is: 2,085,051 (2018)
  • Macedonia has a total area of 25,713 km2


The official language of Macedonia and the one that is most widely spoken is Macedonian. Other spoken languages are: Albanian, Romani, Turkish, Serbian/Bosnian and Aromanian.

Internet usage

There is in total 1,583,315 (Dec, 2017) internet users which makes 75.9% of total population.

Top sites

According to SimilarWeb stats, these are the top 10 sites that Macedonian are mostly visiting:


According to StatCounter:

  • Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share in Macedonia in May 2018 was: Desktop (59.07%), Mobile (39.13%) and Tablet (1.8%).
  • Browser Market Share in Macedonia in May 2018 was: Chrome (76.25%), Firefox (8.94%), Safari (6.82%), Opera (2.13%), Samsung Internet (1.58%), IE (1.52%)
  • Operating System Market Share in Macedonia in May 2018 was: Windows (55.3%),  Android (33.92%), iOS (6.51%), OS X (1.65%), Linux (1.15%).
  • Social Media Stats in Macedonia in May 2018 were: Facebook (93.76%), Instagram (1.75%), YouTube (1.69%), Pinterest (1.58%), Twitter (0.84%), Tumblr (0.13%).

Online buyers

Online buying in Macedonia is in constant increase. In 2016 internet penetration was 75.3 percent, and 81 percent of internet users could access the internet via their smartphones. Consumers in Macedonia spent $95 mill on online purchases in 2016.

Delivery and payment methods

When it comes to online buyers in Macedonia, they still prefer cash payments. They are very insecure when it comes to leaving their credit card details online and that is the reason why our COD offers are preferable choice with Macedonians.

Also keep in mind that due to start of summer holidays period, the end of June and beginning of July are very popular among the shoppers so this would be ideal timing to stat promoting some of Zetanihe offers in this interesting and very potential market.

Well, we hope that you have collected some interesting and useful information for this week and that you will definitely let yourself go into Macedonian market and choose some of the offers from our weekly list. Of course, in case you need any additional tips and have questions, Zetaniche support will gladly assist you.

So don’t wait longer and contact us!



Zetaniche Team.

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