Product overview: Recti Stop

Product overview: Recti Stop

Hello our dear blog audience,

for this week we have chosen topic related to promoting product that is part of the so-called “embarrassing health” niche – hemorrhoid treatment Recti Stop.

Hemorrhoids have caused pain and irritation throughout human history. The word “hemorrhoid” came from the ancient Greek word “haema,” blood, and “rhoos,” flow, meaning flow of blood. It’s estimated that three out of every four people will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives.

Hemorrhoids are clumps of dilated (enlarged) blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum. The rectum is the last area of the large intestine before it exits to the anus. The anus is the end of the digestive tract where feces leaves the body.

Although most people think hemorrhoids are abnormal, everyone has them. Hemorrhoids cause problems and can be considered abnormal or a disease only when the hemorrhoidal clumps of vessels enlarge.

Hemorrhoids occur in everyone, and an estimated 75% of people will experience enlarged hemorrhoids at some point. However only about 4% will go to a doctor because of hemorrhoid problems. Hemorrhoids that cause problems are found equally in men and women, and their prevalence peaks between 45 and 65 years of age.

Many people are embarrassed to go to their doctor about their hemorrhoid problems, which is probably why only an estimated 4% of people see the doctor even if 75% of us experience enlarged hemorrhoids at some point in time.

We don’t need to tell you that people are willing to pay everything to get fast solution for this problem.


What is Recti Stop?

Our Recti Stop cream is powerful combination of natural ingredients that solves problem with hemorrhoids instantly.

How does Recti Stop offer work?

Recti Stop is one of Zetaniche’s COD (cash on delivery) offers. Cash on delivery is a type of transaction in which the buyer makes payment at the time of delivery instead of having to pay upfront, like with the most of other paying models.

This type of purchase scheme is safe for a buyer in many ways. First of all, buyer receives the product at his doorstep, without making any hassle. Secondly, buyer doesn’t pay until he receives the product and checks if product is in satisfactory condition. And thirdly, but not less important, COD transaction protect buyers, since buyer doesn’t need to use any credit card details during purchase. COD is very safe and buyers are not going to lose their money as a result of credit card theft.

Where Recti Stop is available in?

Recti Stop is currently available in 16 countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia.

What are the payouts?

In the table below we are presenting you pay-outs for triggered conversion per GEO on desktop and mobile platform :


Traffic sources

Zetaniche is opened for all website owners and affiliates who are working with different traffic sources. No matter if you are owning a website, blog or working with different traffic sources such as Social channels, Google, traffic networks or similar, you are more than welcome to start promoting our Recti Stop.

Ad methods and Landing pages

All landing pages and marketing materials are translated to local languages and adjusted to the specific market, allowing you as our affiliate to promote Recti Stop offer with banners and email traffic.

Since we want that users you are sending from your traffic source get more engaged to product itself before they are sent to landing page, we have built pre-sell pages on local languages of GEO’s where offer is available for promotion.

What are the advantages of promoting Recti Stop?

  • Huge potential and interest in GEO’s where offer is available,
  • Cash on delivery is preferable model in GEO’s where offer is available for promotion,
  • Marketing materials on local languages,
  • Various traffic channels for promotion.



Zetaniche Team.



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