Product overview: PinguLingo

Product overview: PinguLingo

Here we are welcoming you once again on our this week blog post.

Since we are constantly working on our network and among other thing we are also refreshing platform with new promising offers, this time we will actually write about one of new offers that you can find inside of our platform.

We are living in a time where knowing more languages is required for each person and people, especially young ones  are eager to learn more languages but are also more than familiar that learning new languages requires investing lot of time. Considering this fact, people are looking for different methods that will help them to learn faster any language. Here comes our PinguLingo offer.

What is PinguLingo?

PinguLingo is a very useful book for any person who wants to find the right method in learning language. PinguLingo offers new and improved methods of how to train your brain and learn language faster.

How does PinguLingo offer work?

PinguLingo also belongs to our COD offers, so the procedure here is very simple and in total advantage for the audience. Since

This type of purchase scheme is safe for a buyer in many ways. First of all, buyer receives the product at his doorstep, without making any hassle. Secondly, buyer doesn’t pay until he receives the product and checks if product is in satisfactory condition. And thirdly, but not less important, COD transaction protect buyers, since buyer doesn’t need to use any credit card details during purchase. COD is very safe and buyers are not going to lose their money as a result of credit card theft.

Where PinguLingo is available?

Our PinguLingo offer is available in following countries:   

Czech Republic (desktop), Hungary (mobile), Romania (desktop), Bulgaria (desktop), Slovenia (desktop + mobile), Slovakia (desktop + mobile), Latvia (desktop), Estonia (desktop), Croatia (desktop + mobile) and Poland (desktop + mobile).

Traffic sources

As pointed in earlier posts, Zetaniche is opened for all website owners and affiliates who are working with different traffic sources.  If you are owning a website, blog or working with different traffic sources such as Social channels, Google, traffic networks or similar, you are more than welcome to start promoting our PinguLingo offer.

Ad methods and Landing pages

Our affiliates have the liberty to promote this great offer with email traffic and via banners. The great thing is that you have landing pages as well as marketing material translated to local languages which will affect on approaching to your audience much easier.

But that is not all, we have also built pre-sell page to which we are sending users before they reach landing page. This is made in order that your audience will engage more to the product itself. Of course, pre-sell pages are also translated to local languages of countries in which this offer is available in.

What are the advantages of promoting PinguLingo?

  • New high converting offer on Zetaniche platform,
  • Landing pages translated on local languages,
  • Belongs to group of COD offer which is preferable payment method in countries where PinguLingo is available in,
  • Different traffic channels.

Do you also think this would be interesting offer to test and that this is offer with high potential? If yes, then don’t wait longer and take the first steps with PinguLingo.

Join Zetaniche NOW and start promoting!


Zetaniche team.

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