Product overview: L-arginin

Product overview: L-arginin

Hello our dear partners,

today’s post will be dedicated to our offer L-arginine. L-arginine supplement, made with the goal of helping men in achieving the powerful muscle mass they have always dreamed of. Let us together discover more about the secret of L-arginine offer!

What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is a revolutionary solution for increasing muscle mass. L-arginine is a nutritional supplement made for purpose of quickly activation of its ingredients directly into the body, allowing to increase muscle mass and melt fat.

Through years of pharmacology research, scientists have found that L-arginine stimulates nitric oxide (NO) production. L-arginine is responsible for protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth. This supplement is fast-acting and has no side effects.

L-arginine nutritional supplement promotes fat dissolution and dramatically affects muscle mass and strength. The combination of modern technology and powerful ingredients delivers fast results in a safe and painless manner. The results are amazing: Men who use L-arginine supplements have a chiseled body, stronger and bigger muscles, and more strength and endurance!

How does L-arginine offer work?

L-arginine is one of the COD offers under Zetaniche’s roof. COD means that cash payment was made at the time of the delivery.

Where L-arginine is available in?

At the moment, L-arginine is available for promotion on desktop platform, only in Croatia, but more GEO’s are yet to come.

What is the payout?

Pay-out amount for triggered conversion is €7,50.

Traffic sources

If you are owning a website, blog or working with different traffic sources such as Google, ad networks, social channels and similar, you are more than welcome to join Zetaniche and start promoting our L-arginine offer.

Ad methods and Landing pages

As like with the rest of Zetaniche offers, all landing pages and marketing materials are translated to local languages and adjusted to the specific market, and L-arginine is not an exception. All marketing materials are translated to Croatian and adjusted to Croatian market.

What are the advantages of promoting L-arginine:
  • Offer that will bring big interest of men audience,
  • Cash on delivery is preferable model in Croatia,
  • Marketing materials on local language,
  • Various traffic channels for promotion.

We often hear women saying that the appearance of the body is not crucial for a man. But have you ever wondered if they really think that? Did you know that new researches have shown that 81% of women fantasize about men with strong bodies. In an anonymous study,  93% of them said they wished their partner had more defined body. If you want to make every partner feel safe next to the strong men body, and help them end her fantasies about other men SING UP with Zetaniche NOW and start promoting this awesome offer.


Zetaniche team.

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